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About me

I have a passion for supporting organizations that prioritize impact: nonprofits, philanthropic entities, and businesses committed to the community through job creation, environmentally-friendly practices, and equity & inclusion.

As someone who thinks at a big-picture level but is neither trained in nor constrained to a particular topic area, I have the opportunity to learn about the initiatives and challenges faced by leaders, and to connect the dots between different streams of work across the state and the country.

Iā€™m a voracious learner and systems thinker with experience deploying curiosity to ask questions of experts and leaders in their fields to understand the intent and impact of their work.

This perspective allows me to understand the roles of different societal actors ā€“ nonprofits, philanthropy, government, business ā€“ towards making change.

I have a proven ability to get up to speed quickly on complex organizational dynamics and sector content to connect the dots and support organizations in their impact efforts. I have a reputation as an effective, organized problem-solver who produces high-quality deliverables & results.

My goal is to support the work of others without my own agenda while applying analysis to vet and make informed recommendations to decisionmakers, while incorporating a societal and workplace understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion matters.

Jenn Raley Miller

CliftonStrengths Top 10

  • Achiever
  • Responsibility
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Self-Assurance
  • Connectedness
  • Relator
  • Learner
  • Analytical
  • Input

Summary of Experience

For specifics on my past roles and select volunteer experience, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Search Director

Executive search projects for social sector clients while working at Waldron for three years, including Energy Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Resources Legacy Fund, American Himalayan Foundation, St. Anthony's in San Francisco, and Sequoia Riverlands Trust in Visalia

HR Generalist

In-house HR at RSF Social Finance, Washington Animal Rescue League, and the San Diego IHSS Public Authority

HR and Non-Profit Consultant

A wide variety of OD, HR, communications, and systems projects for non-profits and small businesses, along with human capital management projects within corporations and the federal government